I’m sitting in a McDonald’s right now (I know, exotic!) because my hostel didn’t have WiFi, and I needed a tea.

London is AMAZING! My flatmate Molly came with me yesterday, and she knew her way around, which definitely helped me orientate myself. She went back to Birmingham last night, and in her absence, I learned how to navigate the scary Tube system (aka the Underground—they’re not called subways here because that refers to pedestrian walkways); I only had to change trains 8 or 9 times before finally getting back to my hostel!

The Tube map looks simple enough, but then it’s hard to figure out how to apply that to where you need to go. However, once you’ve done it a few times, it’s easy enough. After taking so many stops on my Tube trip last night, I think I have the hang of it! I’m going to buy an unlimited day travel pass today and tomorrow so that I can get easily from place to place. On a map, London looks fairly compact, but it can become a trek, especially since I have my backpack with me (the hostel I stayed at last night doesn’t have bag storage, but I’m hoping the one where I’m staying the next two nights will). 

I’ve decided that on Tuesday, I’m going to Brighton. I just booked a hostel and train tickets there, and I’m staying there until Friday. Jane Austen fans will recognize Brighton as the place where the youngest Bennet daughter, Lydia, eloped to in Pride and Prejudice.

I’m off to have some London adventures. I’ll post next time I get a chance!

love, elizabeth

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