On Monday morning, Molly and I were up bright and early again to board a bus, this time to Aberdeen. Once more, I slept for most of the trip, but the few glimpses that I caught of the Scottish scenery were absolutely breathtaking, especially the view of the sea as we approached Aberdeen.

Molly’s friend from University of Aberdeen met us and we got some lunch and went shopping for a little bit before I met up with my friend Bridget. She showed me around the city centre, and I saw a little bit more of the city as we walked back to her flat. Aberdeen is called the Grey City or the Granite City because almost all of the houses are made of granite. Against the cloudy backdrop, it can be a little oppressive, but I was told that (on the two days of the year) when the sun shines, the buildings sparkle in the light.

Bridget has travelled a lot, so we swapped travel stories and she gave me some tips for some of my upcoming trips. She’s Irish, so she told me where I should go when I visit Ireland. (I hope to get there sometime this spring!) I was just recovering from a cold and she was just coming down with one, so we stayed in for a movie night and then went to bed early to prepare for our adventure the next morning.

Love, Elizabeth

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