An Important Issue

There’s something that I should have addressed a long time ago, but I didn’t know how to write about it. I didn’t know how to tell all of my American readers that there’s more to life than a Hershey bar or a Reese’s cup. But here’s the thing: you haven’t lived until you’ve had some English chocolate. There’s a reason Europeans think American chocolate tastes like vomit, and that’s because, well, it does. I know the spotlight is usually on Swiss chocolate or German chocolate (when I go to these countries, I’ll let you know about their chocolate), but British chocolate deserves some credit.

They have Cadbury chocolate here. If you’ve ever had a chocolate caramel egg at Easter, then you know exactly what I mean. It’s just really, really delicious. A lot of the chocolate bars are Cadbury: Crunchie (a chocolate-coated sugar honeycombed bar—this doesn’t make sense until you’ve tried one), Picnic (one of the few chocolate bars in England with peanuts in it), Twirl (a bar of flaky chocolate), Wispa (chocolate with air bubbles in it), and Dairy Milk (this comes in milk chocolate, nut, fruit, orange, biscuit, caramel, bubbly, Turkish, mint, wafer, and many other varieties). The last time Molly and I went to the mall, there was a huge Cadbury display on—a musical purple chocolate fountain with tons of workers dressed up in crazy purple costumes. It felt like a scene out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Today, Molly and I had fun taking crazy photos with my giant Dairy Milk chocolate bar. And then we had fun eating it!

Of course, Cadbury isn’t the only chocolate in England. There’s the Mars Bar (like a Milky Way, but more delicious), Lion Bar (crunchy caramel and chocolate), and Galaxy Bar (the equivalent of Dove chocolate).

And then there’s some familiar names: Twix and Kit Kat (but they have more varieties of them here). And in some places, you can find things like Snickers, Hersheys, and Reese’s. Every once in a while, I have a chocolate craving that only a combination of chocolate and peanut butter can satisfy, so I’ll splurge on an occasional Reese’s cup (peanut butter is totally an American thing). For the most part, though, I’m enjoying all of the new kinds of chocolate here!

Love, Elizabeth

P.S. On a note completely unrelated to my chocolate binge earlier, I have a tummy ache. Wonder what caused that …