London: Hyde Park

Things You’ll See in Hyde Park

Henry VIII used Hyde Park as his hunting ground, but today it’s enjoyed by the general public. Walking through the beautiful 350 acres, you may see one or more of the following:

Trees: As a lot of the plaques advertise, you’ll forget that you’re in the largest city in the UK when you’re surrounded by all of the trees.

Birds: Swans, geese, ducks, pigeons, sea gulls—they are everywhere and they fear nothing.

Romance: In addition to many hand-holding couples, you’ll see the inevitable park-bench PDA.

Alternate modes of transportation: Included, but not limited to A) Scooters—for the people who want to strengthen just one leg, B) Bikes—usually of the clunky, rented variety, C) Prams—aka baby strollers, D) Roller skates—for the more coordinated people, E) Boats—the rowing and pedal kinds, and F) Horses—yeah, there’s a horse-riding arena.

Sunbathers: Even on cloudy days, there will be someone lying back in a deck chair trying to soak up the sun.

Exercisers: For every casual walker, there are at least two runners.

Food: There are plenty of food stands and restaurants, but why not have a picnic?

Artists: Professional photographers trying to get candid shots of the aforementioned features, musicians playing at the bandstand, performers at the Speaker’s Corner, and writers scrawling things into their journal that will be mentioned later on a blog post.

love, elizabeth