Big News

I’M FINISHED WITH MY ESSAYS! I really dislike that my essays from last term were due at the beginning of this term, because I spent my entire Christmas holiday worrying about them and still ended up working on them up until the moment they were due. But they’re over now, and my next essays aren’t due until April! Until then, I have a ton of reading to do for each week, but it’s starting to get cold, so it’s perfect weather for snuggling up with hot chocolate and a book (whilst wearing my super-cool Mickey Mouse footed pajamas!). 

To celebrate life in general, above are some photos of the sunrise some day last week, ducks, a bridge on one of Birmingham’s canals, an angst-filled note, and my friend Nicola’s hippo eating some popcorn. Below are some random recaps.

Beautiful moment of the week/update on England’s weather: The last few days have been much colder (about 30F). It feels so nice and gives me a chance to wear some really cool mittens I bought last month as well as a chance to shamelessly drink hot chocolate when I get home each day. Everything has been frost-covered and at times looks like it’s covered in snow. The reason for this is that it’s really humid here, so even though it’s not that cold, the frost gets really thick from the humidity.

Last night, my flatmates and I were celebrating the fact that we were all finished with essays, and we ended the night by walking down to the lake at about midnight. The sky was clear, and we could see a lot of stars. The lake was frozen over in most parts, and everything was covered in gorgeous frost crystals. We picked a leaf off the ground that had about an inch of fuzzy intricate frost patterns on top of it. It looked like something that I would expect to find in arctic regions, but not England! I don’t think I’m describing this very well, so I’ll try to get a picture sometime. It’s a kind of frost that I’ve never seen before, and I don’t think we have it in Ohio!

Funny moment of the week: I took a break from homework on Saturday so that my friend Kristian and I could go on a walk. We wandered through some of the parts of Birmingham we’d never seen before. Eventually we ended up on the canal and saw a canal boat that had been broken into the day before based on the note in the window to the burglars:

Note to the brain deads that broke into my home last night: What kind of burglar misses the £500 in a drawer, a PS2 + 3 (still boxed), a limited edition 18 carat gold pocket watch on an 18 carat gold chain, a DAB radio worth £120 and a Nintendo (still boxed—collectors by now). To list but a few of the things that could have gone. Obviously I have removed all the things of value now! Burglary is not your strong point, girls! Career rethink in order! And as for trashing my herbs—really? Was my sage heavy? That would be the one on the bow (or for your intellect, the front of the boat). Amateurs, girls!! Hang your heads in shame! Blatantly stealing isn’t your strong point, girls! But on the plus side you can vandalise plants! How’s that for a career choice? 

I think my favorite part of the note is that the two exclamation marks were turned into a frowny face in “Amateurs, girls!!” Oh, the interesting things you’ll find in Birmingham!

The rest of this week is going to be homework mostly, but hopefully I’ll have some sort of adventure this weekend.

Love, Elizabeth

Picnic by the River Avon

Photo credits go to my friends!