Sunshine and Politics

Today I got to wear a skimpy sundress. No sweater or coat or scarf or anything! It was incredibly sunny and it got up to about 65 degrees. And when I got out of my class at 5:30, it wasn’t completely dark. We’ve barely had a winter here, but I’m already feeling so excited for summer right now!

Also, I just got my latest fix of American politics by watching the Republican debate from last night. I’m missing a very interesting time for American right now with the election coming up in November, but I do like hearing the opinions of everyone over here who pays attention to America’s politics (which a lot of people do, as British politics can be pretty boring, but American’s politics can be pretty amusing).

Most people¬†Everyone that I’ve talked to over here disagrees wholehearted with all of the Republican candidates. Issues in the States that are controversial, such as gun control, universal healthcare, birth control, and gay rights are complete non-issues over here. There are about three parties here in England (and four in Scotland, I think), and they all are pretty close to the American Democratic Party. So that is why a lot of British people (and I think a lot of other Europeans) can be so skeptical of America when it has a Republican leader.¬†

So there’s your daily dose of politics. I hope I haven’t offended anyone too severely; none of these opinions are my own. Well, okay, maybe I agree with some of the opinions, but I’m just passing on what has been said to me about our political system. Do with that what you will!

Love, Elizabeth