Today was my last day volunteering at the centre. These past few days have been really, really incredible. I don’t really know how to describe the rest of my time there, other than life-changing, eye-opening, and awe-inspiring. I met so many truly amazing people, both guests and volunteers. I had so much fun getting to know the other volunteers, and talking to the guests of the centre was just as amazing.

At the end of my shift today, one of the guests came up and sat down and thanked me and my shift partner for helping; he said that he was truly grateful that all of us volunteers were so willing to talk and even just smile (a few days ago, one of the guests was really confused that everyone was smiling at him because it’s something that never happens for them). As someone who had been homeless for almost a year, this man hadn’t been able to have a real conversation with anyone until now. He told us about the circumstances that led him to become homeless, which put me and the other girl in tears, but then he ended by saying that being at this centre for just these few days had given him hope, and he knows he can make a fresh start and turn things around for himself.

I made so many new friends while I was doing this. It was such a great atmosphere, and all of the volunteers were there because they wanted to be. There was just so much positivity, and it was so uplifting to be a part of it. I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity, and I’ll be looking to do something like this again soon.

I hope everyone’s holidays are going as well as mine are!

Love, Elizabeth