Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle

On Tuesday morning, Bridget and I went to Stonehaven, which is a quiet sea town about twenty minutes from Aberdeen. We walked from the train station through the town centre. It was quaint with a lot of pink rose granite houses mixed in with the gray granite. The town is full of retirement homes and bed and breakfasts, so there was a relaxed, sleepy feel to it. We made our way to the beach, climbed up the cliff, and followed the coast a few miles until we got to Dunnottar Castle perched on a cliff over the sea. It’s now in ruins, but it’s still partially intact and open for those who want to tour it. 

The sea was absolutely beautiful. While the water at Aberdeen was indistinguishable from the gray sky, the ocean here had a slight bluish tint that made it stand out from the clouds at the horizon. The tall brown cliffs were covered in overgrown grass, and in some parts black rock formations at the bottom of the cliff turned into caves. It felt like something I’d seen in a British-themed film (First Knight, anyone?), and I was so glad to have had the opportunity to see it all!

Love, Elizabeth


I don’t know what it is about Whitby. Maybe it’s the red pantiled roofs, maybe it’s the chills I got from the ruined abbey, maybe it’s the many tributes to Captain Cook and Dracula that can be found all over town, maybe it’s the cute shopping streets, or maybe it’s the view of the sea. There’s something about this place that makes me love it.

Love, Elizabeth

Brighton Beach